OREANDA-NEWSThe OPEC Secretariat invited only 36 countries to an online meeting on the oil market, including the USA, Canada, Norway, Brazil and the UK, from the invitation sent to the countries, a copy of it is available to the Russian media.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the United States and Canada weren't invited to participate. A media source at OPEC denied this: "It isn't true, they are invited. For now, we are waiting for confirmation from them".

There are four groups of countries in the invited list: OPEC members, member countries that are not members of the cartel but participating in the OPEC + agreement, observer countries, as well as countries that have not cooperated with OPEC before. The last group consists of only 10 countries: Canada (represented by the province of Alberta), Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Norway, the USA, the United Kingdom (Great Britain), Trinidad and Tobago.

Only three countries from this list, Canada, the USA and Great Britain haven't confirmed their participation yet. According to the source, the meeting in videoconference mode will begin at 16:00 Moscow time on April 9.