OREANDA-NEWS The State Duma in February will consider in the second reading a bill obliging management companies to enter into contracts for the maintenance of gas equipment in apartment buildings with specialized organizations. This was announced on Monday by the Deputy Chairman of the Lower House Committee on housing policy and housing Pavel Kachkaev, whose words are quoted by the press service of United Russia.

"In order to prevent some of the problems associated with the operation of gas equipment in apartment buildings, the state Duma in February in the second reading will consider the bill, which the management organizations are obliged to conclude contracts for the maintenance of domestic gas equipment with specialized organizations," said the Deputy, who is also the coordinator of the party project "Urban environment".

"It will allow to avoid, at least, absolutely scandalous cases of gas leakage in basements and other technical rooms", - Kachkayev noted. According to the parliamentarian, now "it's all given to the residents, and the residents often do not monitor these issues and conclude contracts without having the necessary information about the requirements for such organizations."

On the morning of January 14 in an apartment on the ninth floor of a residential building in the city of Shakhty, Rostov region, there was an explosion of gas-air mixture, destroyed four apartments. A total of 12 people lived in the destroyed apartments. Of these, seven were saved, one was killed, the fate of four people is set. The explosion in a ten-storey residential building in Magnitogorsk occurred in the morning of December 31. As a result overlappings in one of entrances collapsed, 39 people were lost.

December 31, 2018 in Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region) there was a collapse of the floors in one of the entrances of a ten-storey residential building at 164 Karl Marx Avenue. At the crash site found the bodies of 39 dead (including six children).