OREANDA-NEWS. The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrel, reported on the absence of violations on the part of Germany on the construction of the «Nord Stream-2» gas pipeline, saying that there are no sufficient grounds for a case against Germany. writes RT with reference to the documents.

Responding to a request from Polish deputies about the «anti-European nature» of the «Nord Stream-2» pipeline, Borrel said that he sees no grounds for checking the proposed operation of the project, if it complies with the updated EU Gas Directive. The representative of the European Union stressed the importance of relations between Russia and the EU in the energy sector, and also added that in the coming decades, the export of energy resources from Russia to the West may decrease after the level of demand for oil and gas in the EU falls.

Earlier, LLC «Operator of the GTS of Ukraine» reported that a joint Ukrainian-Polish gas hub may appear in Eastern and Central Europe. According to it, Poland has a plan for the development of LNG terminals, the Baltic gas pipeline and connectors with it's neighbors. Ukraine has the largest gas storage facilities in Europe and a gas transportation system connected to seven neighboring countries. Therefore, both states can create a powerful north-south gas corridor, which will ensure the energy security of the entire South-Eastern Europe and will become a counterweight to the «Nord Stream-2» project.