OREANDA-NEWS. The prospects for economic and energy cooperation between Russia and Germany in the framework of the energy transition will largely depend on how the fate of Nord Stream 2 develops. This was stated by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, President of the Russian Gas Society (RGO) Pavel Zavalny.

Zavalny, whose words are quoted in the message of the Russian Geographical Society, said: "The energy transition objectively creates new opportunities for the development of economic and energy cooperation between the Russian Federation and Germany. However, in order for mutually beneficial alliances and projects to take place, the partners must respect and trust each other, which today eroded by the political crisis. "

"Is it possible to invest in complex, long-term, investment-intensive projects (and everything related to new energy, new technologies is just that), if you cannot be sure that they will not fall under politically inspired sanctions, will not become a target in political struggle and unfair global competition? This is precisely the target of Nord Stream 2. And the prospects and opportunities for new economic cooperation will largely depend on how its fate develops, "Zavalny said.

According to the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, in the context of the rejection of nuclear and coal, the expected cessation of gas exports from the Netherlands, a general decline in gas production in Europe, Germany and other European countries will need to increase gas supplies from Russia at least in the next two decades.