OREANDA-NEWS. Verkhovna Rada deputy Roman Kostenko suggested aiming Ukrainian missiles at Russian nuclear facilities. He made such a proposal on the air of "Channel 4".

The parliamentarian recalled that Russia has one of the strongest armies in the world and the largest nuclear potential. In his opinion, Ukraine should oppose this with something.

Kostenko said: "Now we need missiles with a range of up to a thousand kilometers, which should be in service with us and threaten Moscow preemptively."

The Ukrainian deputy suggested that Kiev aim this weapon at nuclear power plants in Russia. According to him, this will allow conducting diplomacy with the neighboring country "on an equal footing". The politician is sure that "Moscow should know that they have nuclear power plants, such as we had in Chernobyl, and that our missiles will simply fly there. "

Ukrainian statesmen and experts regularly make bellicose anti-Russian statements. So, the political scientist Zinovy Sveda proposed to seize Crimea, "arrange Pearl Harbor for the Russian fleet" and blow up the Kerch bridge. Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Biletsky wanted to "return by force" the Kuban and the Caucasus.

In the State Duma, these statements are called empty. Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee Oleksandr Sherin suggested that such belligerent rhetoric of Kiev politicians is an attempt to play on the feelings of the country's residents and distract them from the internal problems of Ukraine.