OREANDA-NEWS. September 22, 2016. Brookline Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKL) President & CEO Paul Perrault, who has been simultaneously serving as President & CEO of the holding company's chief subsidiary, Brookline Bank, announced today that Darryl Fess will step up to become President & CEO of Brookline Bank.  Fess, who for the past five years has led the Bank's commercial real estate lending banking group, has been with Brookline Bank since May of 2010. 

"My goal in recommending this change to our Board of Directors was two-fold," said Perrault.  "First, from a consistency standpoint, it is important to bring the management structure of Brookline Bank in line with the way we've structured our other two subsidiaries.  And second, I thought it important to make room at the top of Brookline Bank for Darryl to move up, not only to recognize him for his experience and dedicated service to the Bank but as important, to ensure that the bank will benefit from both long term.  Remaining at the helm of the holding company, I look forward to many more years of collaboration with Darryl as he advances into this new role."

Darryl Fess has over 25 years of banking experience with a diverse lending background.  Prior to joining Brookline Bank, he was a Senior Vice President at Wainwright Bank for 12 years.  He also spent time at Citizens Bank and Grove Bank.  Fess commented, "I look forward to working with clients and colleagues to continue what Paul Perrault has well underway -- the transformation of Brookline Bank from a savings bank into one of the state's premier commercial banks."   

As Fess moves up, Robert Brown, currently Senior Vice President and Team Leader and with Brookline Bank since September 2010, will advance to head up the bank's commercial real estate group.