OREANDA-NEWS. September 28, 2016. IBA Group in cooperation with IBM Eastern Europe/Asia (IBM EE/A) and Netkom, an IBM distributor in the CIS countries, conducted the workshop Chancellor Day 2016 in Minsk, Belarus.

The workshop gathered representatives of more than 50 organizations, including local banks, scientific and research institutions, production enterprises, and government bodies.

Leonid Bokun, Business Development Director at IBA IT Park, Mikhail Shamarin, Netcom Deputy Director General, and Igor Petrik, Director of the Electronic Workflow Division at IBA IT Park, welcomed the audience.

In his speech, Shamarin highlighted a long–term partnership of IBA Group and Netcom and a recent opening of its representative office in Belarus, and expressed hope that the cooperation between the two companies will gain momentum.

The program of the workshop included the following presentations delivered by IBA Group, IBM EE/A, Netcom, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, and Belaruskali, a Belarusian potash producer:

  • Chancellor Next, a new software product based on open source software, intended for automation of different types of document workflow
  • IBM ECM: advanced features for processing and storage of unstructured data
  • Chancellor: new functionality
  • eUni, an online distant learning system that allows for organizing the on–job training process, as well as maintaining and developing of professional competences
  • Using IBM Guardium to solve database security problems
  • From EDM to ECM systems: IBA Group experience
  • Chancellor Smart: a mobile app for remote work with EDM system
  • Distributed workflow management system based on Chancellor+ at Belaruskali: stages of creation, results of the first year of its operation, and prospects for further development
  • IBA Data Center: experience of the first year of its operation
  • 14 years of cooperation of IBA Group and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus. From installation of the IBA's system Paperwork to creation and upgrade of advanced EDM system that enables the ministry to interact with related organizations and institutions.