OREANDA-NEWS. September 07, 2016. Jim Beam Bourbon, the worlds No. 1 bourbon, makes history this month with the rollout of a best-in-class cocktail experience at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Ky. The cocktail program is among the first of its kind at a leading Kentucky bourbon distillery since the enactment of Kentucky Senate Bill 11 (SB11). 

Its a great day for tourism and bourbon cocktails here in Kentucky, said Fred Noe, seventh generation master distiller. For decades, weve immersed guests in my familys distilling traditions with a hands-on mashing, distilling, barreling, bottling and tasting experience. Now, were giving visitors from across the world a chance to enjoy our whiskies in a new way at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse with delicious cocktails.

This summer, SB11 modernized Kentuckys 1930s-era alcohol regulations to aid surging interest in bourbon, craft beer and small-farm wine products. SB11 not only increases the sample size, but also makes it possible for distilleries to apply for a NQ-3 license, which permits the sale of cocktails by the glass. Jim Beam was recently among the first bourbon distillers in the state to receive its NQ-3 license. As such, the distillery created a signature bourbon cocktail program that offers guests of legal drinking age a new way to learn about Americas native spirit at the home of the worlds No. 1 bourbon.

Bourbon has grown to a \\$3 billion industry for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kevin Smith, vice president of Kentucky Beam Bourbon Affairs said. SB11 allows distilleries to meet consumer demand and provide a unique cocktail experience in a responsible way through on-premise education programs for both long-time fans and curious newcomers. For Jim Beam, this means well be pushing the creative boundaries on cocktail education with a variety of hand-crafted cocktails, which in turn enhances the experience on The Kentucky Bourbon Trail and promotes responsible drinking. 

The new Jim Beam Bourbon Bar at the American Stillhouse isnt just a place to sample a cocktail, added Noe. Its where guests come as a friend and leave as family.

Featured Jim Beam Bourbon cocktails will rotate monthly, presenting guests with a variety of traditional and modern drink options that showcase the complete Jim Beam family of brands.    

The Jim Beam Bourbon bar opens to the public September 14 just in time for National Bourbon Heritage Month and the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Drink tokens must be purchased in-person by those of legal drinking age at the front desk of the Jim Beam American Stillhouse. Daily token limits apply. For more information on Jim Beam, please visit www.jimbeam.com, www.facebook.com/jimbeamus, or @jimbeam.