OREANDA-NEWS. April 24, 2018. SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB:SMME) - According to research conducted by ACI Worldwide * it is estimated that 47 percent of Americans have been a victim of credit card fraud in the past 5 years.  “Little wonder that according to independent consumer research commissioned by SmartMetric, 80% of surveyed credit card holders are concerned about ID theft and Credit Card Fraud," said today Chaya Hendrick, President and CEO of SmartMetric.

SmartMetric has created a biometric fingerprint scanner that fits inside a standard credit card that is used to validate the card user and instantly turn on the card following a less than 1 second scan of the card users fingerprint.  The card holder’s fingerprint is stored inside the card and never leaves the card.  This provides enhanced security since the person's biometrics is not stored on central database.  Further a person’s biometrics aren’t  traveling across a network where it could be intercepted.  When a card holder receives their biometric card from their bank all they need do is touch the square sensor on the surface of the card up to 4 times and forever after, the card holders fingerprint is stored inside their card.  Now only the card holder can activate their card.

The scanning and validation of the cardholder his done in less than a second.  Simply by touching the card’s surface sensor, as they reach across to insert the card into a card reader or ATM, the card has scanned, matched, validated the card holder and turned on the card in under a second.

No new systems or card readers are required for the SmartMetric biometric card.  It works on existing credit and debit card readers and ATM’s. The card has an internal rechargeable battery that in turn allows the card to be biometrically activated prior to the card being inserted into a reader. This allows the card to be used in all restaurants and ATM’s. This is very different to some other recently publicized cards that need the card holder to hold the card in the reader to work.  Of course these cards will not work in most restaurants and ATM’s in North America.  Most ATM’s “swallow” the card and do not allow the card holder to hold the card in the ATM to perform a biometric scan. Most restaurants in North America have the card holder hand their card to the server who in turn takes the card to the checkout to make the card transaction. If the card needs to be held inside the reader of course such restaurants would not be able to process such a card.

"We have spent over a decade in Research and Development to make our card with the built inside the card fingerprint scanner thin enough to conform with credit card industry card size and thickness requirements but to also make sure our card would work across all credit and debit card reading situations. It was absolutely imperative in order to achieve this goal that we had to have our card work prior to being inserted into a credit/debit card reader.  Our card has a rechargeable internal battery that powers the cortex processor used to do the instant card biometric scan and activation," said today Chaya Hendrick.

The SmartMetric Biometric card is a powerful new technology in the multibillion fight against ID theft and credit card fraud. After many years of research and development with its advanced team of engineers primarily in Tel Aviv, Israel, SmartMetric has achieved what was seen as impossible, a fully operational biometric locked and secured credit card that easily works with existing credit/debit cards and existing ATM’s

The company has recently appointed experienced credit card manufacturers in the United States and South America to bring the leading SmartMetric biometric card to credit card issuing Banks. The SmartMetric biometric credit card is being met with a very high level of enthusiasm as the banking industry is recognizing the benefits of having and offering this advanced biometric security technology to their customers.

SmartMetric is a United States company with its head office in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a team of advanced engineers in Tel Aviv, Israel and has mass manufacturing capacity in various parts of the world. The company can now manufacture 1 million cards a month and has the capacity to increase this significantly based on product demand.

The SmartMetric biometric card is protected by five (5) recently “issued” patents. Additional patents are pending. SmartMetric is prepared and willing to defend its patents vigorously against all infringers.

To view a video of the SmartMetric card follow this link SmartMetric Biometric Card Video.

To contact the representative for the SmartMetric biometric credit/security card within the USA please contact PROTEC Secure Card, Tracey Breckenridge at traceyb@protecsecurecard.com. To view their website, www.protecsecurecard.com.

For more information concerning the new biometric secured credit and security card for South America please contact HOGIER GARTNER CIA S.A., Alvaro Gartner Valencia at alvaro.gartner@hogier.com. To view their website, www.hogier.com.

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