OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2016. Part of the appeal of working for small businesses is the unconventional environment (you can make up your own job title!). But the dynamic and sometimes chaotic nature of a brand-new business shifts as companies attempt to scale. Growth offers plenty of benefits — more efficient processes, more clearly defined roles. Yet it’s critical that founders pay close attention to office culture as the company grows; research shows that over the long run, culture will dramatically impact your company’s bottom line.

One study showed that companies that highly value employees, customers, and owners grew their revenue 4 times as much as those that did not. With that in mind, we reached out to small business founders, CEOs, and researchers to get their best advice on what small to medium businesses can do to keep up the energy at work as they grow.

Then we distilled their wisdom into 18 awesome tips, which you can find in our latest e-book. Here’s a sneak peek at what important topics the book will cover:

  1. Define your culture: Are you the kind of company that always has your fridge full of craft beer? Or are you more of a “questionable leftovers” type?

  1. Leaders, admit when you make mistakes. Think about it: If the boss can admit when he/she trips up, it will diffuse the fear of failure. More importantly, it drives employees toward coming up with solutions.

  1. Get feedback from your employees. And not just that one time after you read a blog post encouraging you to do so. Solicit feedback it regularly. Make it part of your quarterly team meeting. Employees will feel like you really care about their concerns. Also, you’ll learn plenty about what is or isn’t working in the organization.

  1. Offer those perks that people actually care about: So what if you have a ping-pong table at the office? That isn’t going to do much for your employee’s future. Offer the perks that will really make a difference in employees’ lives, like a good amount of vacation time or flexible work-from-home policies.

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