OREANDA-NEWS. Analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a study of the Russian market of cars with mileage and it determined its capacity by the end of 2015.

According to the survey, in the last year Russians spent on the purchase of second-hand cars 1.99 trillion rubles, which is less by 14.7% than in 2014. About 90% of this amount falls on foreign cars, which is 1.78 trillion rubles. Accordingly, the rest 10% of the capacity of the secondary market are owned by the domestic cars (213 billion rubles.). As the analysts of "AUTOSTAT" agency noted, such a huge difference is achieved by double superiority in sales of foreign cars in the secondary market and the higher average cost compared to the Russian vehicles. Recall that the last year the Russian market of passenger cars with mileage was 4.9 million units, by showing a fall of 19.7%.

The largest segments in the financial terms of the secondary market are the category of passenger cars at the age of 4 - 5 years, and 8 - 10 years, the share of each of which was more than 20% (473 and 460 billion rubles, respectively.). The fifth part of the total market capacity is owned by segment with cars in the age of 3 years old or under (391 billion rubles). Slightly more than 10% of the costs are occupied by cars with ages 11 - 15 years (265 billion rubles) and 6 - 7 years (238 billion rubles). Russians spent at least for the purchase of cars older than 15 years in the last year (167 billion rubles) - in view of their low cost.