OREANDA-NEWS. May 26, 2016. FBK was pronounced winner of an open tender for the right to assess the market value of a 49-per cent interest in Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (AO KRET), one of Russia’s largest producers of military and civil radioelectronics.

Valuation Department team will determine the market value of the KRET’s shares taking into consideration additionally issued stock and equity stakes of the companies owned by the State Corporation Rostec which will be added to the Concern’s charter capital.

Stanislav Novikov, a FBK partner and the project leader, noted “We will address the task of valuation using three basic approaches, including income, market and cost approach. The results of our effort could be expected to strategically guide the Group in critical decision making towards further business development.”

As explained by Novikov, winning the tender means and reinforces our extensive successful experience in business valuation and our specific competencies associated with the client’s special status and his role in facilitating defence capabilities of this country.

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (AO KRET) is structurally a part of Rostec State Corporation. KRET currently brings together 97 companies which develop and produce military and civil radioelectronics.