ОРЕАНДА-НОВОСТИ. Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) hosts a workshop on Renewable Energy: Challenges and Perspectives regularly held at BHOS with the purpose of strengthening contemporary knowledge on renewable energy engineering and ensuring information exchange amongst specialists. The workshop’s further activity is closely related to BHOS Training and Research Center on Renewable Energy Engineering serving as the platform for the specialists involved in appropriate fields of science, education and industry, both at national and international levels. Prof. Siyavush Azakov, Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, from BHOS Petroleum Engineering Department was appointed the scientific supervisor of the workshop.

BHOS faculty, three selected Chemical Engineering students, as well as the specialists representing various scientific and educational institutions and industries joined the meeting. Prof. Rahim Madatov, Head of Department of Radiation Problems, the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, made the presentation on Obtaining layered semiconductor mono-crystals, studying their electro-physical, photoelectric and optical properties, as well as the investigation of their possible applications. Then BHOS third year Chemical Engineering student Samira Mammadova made the presentation on “Photovoltaics in 2016”.

The program of the workshop will be developed taking into account the thematic suggestions and titles of the presentations submitted by relevant specialists. The topics will include the legislative basis for the use of renewable energy resources, the related global practice and appropriate technologies, materials, software, ecological and economical aspects, as well the potentials and challenges existing in Azerbaijan in terms of application of these kinds of resources.