OREANDA-NEWS. Carrefour Belgium is selling a healthy drink – exclusively via its hypermarkets and supermarkets – the proceeds from which will go to an SOS Children's Villages project of the customer's choice.

Humanitarian aid is in Carrefour Belgium's very DNA – it regularly organises campaigns to help various charities. This new partnership with Cubzz goes still further. Customers can get even more involved and can "customise" their act of goodwill.

Cubzz 100% Belgian
Cubzz is a Belgian brand created by Wouter Cauwenbergh. After many years working in the private sector, he set up his own company to collect donations in an original way for children's charities. Cubzz sells a chocolate beverage (33 cl) and then gives all its proceeds to various projects. Customers can currently support various projects managed by SOS Children's Villages – Cubzz’s founding partner – which has believed in this initiative right from the outset. This collaboration will bolster the partnership between SOS Children's Villages and Carrefour Belgium, which has already been supporting it for several years now. Over time, customers will be able to support other charities.