OREANDA-NEWS. SABIC held a week-long training program at the SABIC Academy in Riyadh for senior leaders of government bodies under the title, “Leadership at SABIC.” The pioneering program was inaugurated by Yousef Al-Benyan, SABIC Vice Chairman and CEO, in the presence of Abdulaziz Al-Oudan, Executive Vice President, Corporate Human Resources.

In his welcome address, Al-Benyan stressed the importance of developing human resources, and highlighted what SABIC was doing in this area. "The development of human resources is an important element in the SABIC strategy. We are committed to developing our employees’ skills to enable them to be more productive and be ready to face the challenges of the future. We do this by taking advantage of modern educational methods and adopting new approaches," he said. 

By conducting such programs, Al-Benyan added, the SABIC Academy endeavors to fulfil the company’s 2025 strategy and contribute to the Saudi Vision 2030. He referred to the state-of-the-art technologies used to impart education at the SABIC Academy, and stressed the need to apply modern-day applications in managing private and public institutions and establishments.

On the future role of the Academy, Al-Benyan said that it would remain committed to developing the professional capabilities of employees and promoting a sense of leadership in them. At the same time, SABIC will remain focused on technology, quality, innovation and sustainability, and continue playing a strong role in society through its corporate social responsibility programs. “We would like this legacy to continue through the Academy’s capabilities and its strategic partnerships with outstanding business colleges and top international universities, together with SABIC’s global experience."