OREANDA-NEWS. The French region of Champagne from September 15 resumes the supply of wines to Russia. The Champagne Interprofessional Committee overturned its recommendation to stop sales.

According to its co-chairman Jean-Marie Barier, the association of producers decided to settle the dispute without the participation of the World Trade Organization.

According to the new rules of the domestic market, only Russian products can be called champagne. Foreign wine is considered a sparkling wine.

However, in the course of difficult negotiations, an agreement was reached that French producers would not have to change labels on bottles. Barier noted the importance of deliveries in our direction from the point of view of the image.

The share of the French is small - no more than half a percent of the total. However, one and a half million bottles, which are annually supplied to Russia, mainly fall on the highest price segment, according to the TV channel "Russia 24".

The French will resume the supply of wine from Champagne so as "not to disadvantage customers and consumers in Russia as the New Year holidays approach," Barier said.

At least 95% of trading houses have suspended the supply of sparkling wine to Russia.

At the same time, Champagne winemakers sold in Russia only 1.5 million bottles of wine per year (0.5% of sales). But Russia is an image market for French winemakers, "where champagne is sold at a fairly high price," Barier said.

The Champagne committee initially called the new Russian law unacceptable, as it allegedly endangers the negotiations between France and Russia to protect appellations, which the parties have been conducting for more than 20 years.