OREANDA-NEWS. In Malaysia, tourists were offered "cruises to nowhere" - the launch of the first flights is scheduled for mid-October. It is reported by Star.

It is specified that as part of such a trip, the ship goes to sea and does not make stops at other ports. Sasedharan Vasudevan, head of the Penang port operator, explained that the operators are now awaiting approval from the National Security Council for the route.

Vasudevan also spoke about the antique requirements for passengers. According to him, vaccination for participation in such cruises is not mandatory, and all the rules should be similar to those established by airlines.

He added that cruise travel can be safer than going to the cinema, as passengers rarely cross paths on board.

Earlier in March, Russian airline Aeroflot offered flights “to nowhere” as an additional income during the pandemic. The first such flight with departure and landing at Sheremetyevo included wine tasting and a film screening on board. “Perhaps these will be flights when it took off in Moscow and landed - it is not yet known where. "A ticket to nowhere": went out, walked, warmed up and flew back, "explained Mikhail Poluboyarinov, general director of the air carrier.