OREANDA-NEWS    The rules of entry for Russians to Denmark after the resumption of air traffic do not change, it is not yet possible to visit the country for tourist purposes. This was reported to TASS on Friday at the Danish Embassy in Moscow.

"On the Danish side, the rules remain the same as they are now. Permanent residents of countries classified as "orange" (including Russia) can enter Denmark only if the purpose of the trip is in the list published on the website of the Danish police, " the diplomatic mission said.

The embassy noted that tourism is not yet included in the list of permitted grounds for entry from a country with an "orange" status. "We have no information about when exactly this situation will change," they added.

Since August 14, 2021, the Danish authorities have transferred Russia to the category of countries with an "orange" level of epidemiological danger. In this regard, the grounds for entry of Russians at the moment are employment or self-employment in Denmark, an official invitation to a job interview, business trips, an invitation to study or internship, a visit to relatives and close people who have Danish citizenship or a residence permit, humanitarian considerations, participation in a judicial or other legal process at the invitation of local justice authorities, the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the presence of real estate registered in the country.