OREANDA-NEWS. Travel industry experts compared entry regulations, weather, and entertainment costs in Turkey and Egypt in the fall and winter. They shared their findings with the 93.ru Internet portal.

Experts have analyzed the current prices for tours. It was noted that tours to Turkey will come out somewhat cheaper. This is due to the fact that Egypt is expensive and "little". Those who missed this country go to Egypt. In addition, Egypt will be warmer in November than Turkey. This is another reason for the rise in prices for tours to Egypt.

According to professionals, Egyptian hotels are inferior to Turkish ones. “Egypt has a different mentality. Egyptians are lazy, they do everything slowly. Turkey is already of more European origin, you can negotiate with the Turks. And the kitchen is better. The level of hotels is higher, ”the experts explained.

If you are going on vacation with children, then in this case it is better to give preference to Turkey. Although leisure activities for children are well organized in both countries. However, Turkey is more diverse in this regard. “Most Turkish hotels, especially 4-5 star hotels, have rooms and playgrounds for children. There are Russian-speaking employees almost everywhere. There are modern aquariums for them in Antalya and Istanbul. "

The best time to travel to Turkey is from May to early October, when the average temperature is usually at least 25 degrees Celsius. In Egypt, the months with the most comfortable weather are April, May, October and November, when the air temperature there does not exceed 33 degrees Celsius.