OREANDA-NEWS. The Ambassador of Greece to Russia Ekaterina Nassika "from day to day" expects a positive decision from the Russian side on the resumption of flights to Greece for tourists.

The ambassador told reporters: "The Russian side must open the skies for us - so that flights to Greece are organized, and so that Russian tourists can fly to Greece on these flights. I am expecting a positive solution to this issue from day to day, because we have advanced the discussion is far enough. Russian tourists are good travelers. And I say this, because knowing a lot about the ancient heritage, about ancient culture, they will discover even more when going to Greece. "

Despite the permission of the Greek authorities, tourists from Russia cannot yet rest in Greece - the Russian authorities have not yet given permission for regular and charter flights. Russian tourists have not visited Greece for over a year - Russian Aeroflot and Greek airline Aegean Airways have suspended flights from Russia to Greece and back since the end of March 2020 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Now the regular service has been resumed only partially. Before the pandemic, it was allowed to make 24 regular flights Moscow-Athens per week, there were flights to the capital of Greece from other Russian cities, many flights on other routes, to Thessaloniki, to the islands.

Currently, two regular flights a week are operated by Aeroflot and Aegean.