OREANDA-NEWS. Cyprus will open borders for citizens of 50 countries from July 23, but some of them will need a certificate of coronavirus test, and citizens of 7 states will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

This was reported by local media, citing recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus. It is known that the agency divided all countries into three categories depending on the epidemiological situation.

Category A includes 22 countries where the number of new cases of coronavirus does not exceed 1 per 100 thousand per day. Their citizens do not need a certificate of the absence of infection. Category B includes countries where the number of new cases exceeds this figure or where the death rate exceeds 10 people per 100 thousand per day. There are 21 states in total, tourists coming from them need certificates of negative coronavirus tests made no later than 72 hours before boarding. Category C includes Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Luxembourg. Citizens of these countries after entering Cyprus will need to keep a 14-day quarantine.

The categories are constantly being reviewed: for example, the Ministry of Health has excluded Romania and Luxembourg from category B, where the situation has worsened. Australia moved from A to B for the same reason. Algeria, Morocco, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia and China, on the contrary, moved from C to B due to an improvement in the situation. The United Kingdom, the main supplier of tourists to Cyprus, is expected to move into category B from August 1.