OREANDA-NEWS. About 58% of Russians are forced to work overtime, while the share of overtime is on average 28% of the average monthly norm. Such data are provided by the SuperJob.ru portal. The poll was conducted from February 20 to April 6 among 5 thousand Russians aged 18 and over in 863 settlements in all federal districts of Russia.

It is noticed that men overwork more often than women - 60% and 54%, respectively. Young people aged 18-24 overwork more often than citizens aged 45 and over - 58% and 55%, respectively.

Russians with an income of 80 thousand rubles per month generally work more - they are processed one and a half times more often than citizens with a salary of less than 30 thousand rubles, - 64% and 41%, respectively.

More than representatives of other professions, administrators (79%), pharmacists (73%) and programmers (72%) overwork - 28-30% of the average monthly rate. Also, 69% of doctors and 65% of teachers work overtime - 40% and 37% of the average monthly norm, respectively.

Meanwhile, 30% of Russians work strictly according to the schedule, and among citizens aged 45 and over, 33% do not overwork. Almost 12% of citizens found it difficult to assess the degree of processing.