OREANDA-NEWS. Prices for cereal for oatmeal in Russia have risen to a record level, RBC reported, citing Rosstat data.

As noted by the media, in August this year, the cost of rolled oats (peeled and processed oat grains) reached 80.5 rubles per kilogram, and in September - 80.9 rubles. The last time the price of a product crossed the 80-ruble mark was at least in 2000. Oatmeal porridge, including instant cereals, went up in stores - up to 94 rubles per kilogram.

"The main reason is the increase in purchase prices from suppliers," says Dmitry Bolotov (representative of the largest trading network in Eastern Siberia "Komandor"). Suppliers, according to him, this year more than once warned about the increase in wholesale prices, citing a significant increase in the cost of raw materials, packaging, low yields, shrinking acreage, drought, as well as difficult harvesting conditions in a number of key regions where oats are grown - in Siberia and the Urals, "RBC writes. The Lenta retail chain confirmed that suppliers have raised prices for the product "within 20 percent" compared to last year.

As for other products, in particular, vegetables and fruits, they gradually continue to rise in price. According to the statistics department, in general, prices for fruits and vegetables over the past week increased by an average of 1.8%. In particular, prices for potatoes rose by 4.35%, fresh cucumbers - by 10.85%, tomatoes - by 9.66%, fresh white cabbage - by 0.17%.

From the beginning of the year to mid-October, potatoes in Russia rose in price by 38.92%, cabbage - by 86.49%, onions - by 21.07%, carrots - by 31.36%.