OREANDA-NEWS. During a meeting with members of the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that a vacation trip abroad amid a pandemic is everyone's personal responsibility, the Russia 24 TV channel reports.

The words of the head of state were confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova, noting that Russians should be vaccinated with at least the first component of the vaccine before traveling abroad.

The President asked Golikova if Russian officials knew how they would treat Russian vacationers in foreign clinics if they became infected with covid on vacation, noting that foreign states had no obligations to Russia regarding the treatment of its citizens.

Golikova confirmed that "there are no direct obligations, but each country informs about the requirements and the measures taken if a person on the territory of this state is sick, and what he should have with him." According to the Deputy Prime Minister, we are talking about the appropriate insurance coverage.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin questioned the objectivity of official data on coronavirus in southern countries dependent on tourists, including from Russia. Putin said: "We understand that in countries where the economy depends on tourism, to be honest, the question of the objectivity of the official indicators for covid is, of course, on the agenda."