02.06.2021, 11:08
The Russian government has allowed non-chain pharmacies and marketplaces to remotely sell OTC medicines.
There are 3,338,564 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Germany.
28.04.2021, 11:28

The barometer of consumer sentiment fell to minus 8.8 points, according to the GfK Institute of Marketing.

21.04.2021, 15:24
The Joe Biden administration may mandate tobacco companies to reduce the nicotine content of cigarettes to a level where smoking is not addictive. At the same time, menthol cigarettes can be completely banned.
Apple logo
22.03.2021, 11:31

Authorities in the Brazilian state of São Paulo do not believe that Apple removed chargers and headphones from boxes with iPhone smartphones to protect the environment - the move was considered a violation of consumer rights and issued a fine to the company.

«Walt Disney Co» logo.
04.03.2021, 12:11
The company decided to focus on e-commerce and reduce the number of traditional offline stores.
Food packages.
02.03.2021, 11:38

During the year, vegetables and fruits rose most significantly in Russia.

22.02.2021, 17:39

About 7.5 million shipments have been stolen or lost since the lockdown, announced in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fruits and vegetables
19.02.2021, 13:39
Food industry enterprises have warned of a new reason for the rise in food prices in Russia - an increase in the cost of packaging.
28.01.2021, 16:58
Shipments to the Chinese company Huawei collapsed due to the imposition of US sanctions in the fourth quarter of 2020. According to CNBC, in the last months of last year, the company sent 33 million smartphones worldwide, which is 41 percent less than in the same period of 2019.
18.11.2020, 11:22

This agreement lasted only about two or three months and was terminated on September 4.

Sales period
13.11.2020, 14:04
Experts remind what buyers need to pay attention to during the sales period and, in particular, Black Friday.
X5 Retail Group Online Sales Up 40% in May
04.06.2020, 14:42 sales up 41%
Nissan Announced Departure of the Datsun Brand from Russia
28.05.2020, 11:54
Nissan management spoke about a new development strategy, under which the Datsun brand will leave the domestic market
Pandemic Brought Down Jewelry Sales in Russia by 50-70%
21.05.2020, 10:32
The main reason for this effect was the shift in consumer demand to essential goods
H&M Marks All Shoes on the Russian Market until July 1
18.05.2020, 17:38
From July 1, 2020, the production, import, wholesale and retail sale of shoes without marking in Russia will become impossible


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