OREANDA-NEWS Russians spent during the new year holidays 1.1 trillion rubles., said in a statement received in Sberbank. The Bank together with the operator of fiscal data "Platform OFD" analyzed consumer behavior of Russians in the New Year Holidays.

These are expenditures for the period from December, 29 to January, 7 inclusive. Paying by Bank transfer, each Russian spent an average of 16.1 thousand rubles over the holidays. This amount increased compared to the same period last year, which happened for the first time in four years, the report of Sberbank.

Almost a third of the total holiday budget Russians left in supermarkets, but citizens are increasingly choosing to buy products in small shops, the report said. Buying clothes and shoes in the New Year are unpopular — they account for 8.4% of spending.

The average check in the fast food segment has not changed compared to last year, remaining at the level of 350-360 rubles, and in cafes and restaurants – 1.3-1.35 thousand rubles, which is 5% more than in 2017. The leaders in the size of the account in catering establishments were Omsk, Sverdlovsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions, and Moscow and St. Petersburg in the top 5 did not get.

In the category of "hotels" the average check increased by 13% - hotel guests spent twice more than in 2018, for active rest and Spa.

In addition, during the holidays the Russians made non-cash transactions in 169 countries, including Zimbabwe and the Cook Islands, says Sberbank. Belarus remains the most popular country for New Year holidays.

Thus, according to a Survey of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion, total expenditures of Russians for the celebration in 2019 and on vacation, fell in comparison with last year and averaged 13.8 thousand RUB Most of the money the Russians spend on Christmas table — 5.6 thousand RUB.