OREANDA-NEWS American automaker Tesla announced a reduction in the cost of the sedan Model 3 by 6%, and also introduced the Model 3 in the standard range Plus. To achieve lower prices and maintain "financial stability," Tesla is closing all its retail stores and moving to online sales, the company said in a press release.

"Over the next few months, we will close many of our stores and turn the remaining small number of high-traffic locations into exhibition galleries and Tesla information centers. For customers in the United States, it is important to understand that thanks to online sales, anyone in any state can quickly and easily buy Tesla," the company explained.

Sedan Model 3 will cost $35 thousand, and Model 3 Standard Range Plus with acceleration and premium interior will cost $37 thousand Test drive before purchase is not required, Tesla notes-buyers will be able to return the car within seven days of purchase, provided that the car has not traveled more than 1 thousand miles. In this case, the customer will be able to get all the money spent on the car back. "You can literally buy a Tesla, drive a few hundred miles on a weekend trip with friends, and then get it back for free," the company said. Tesla added that it also intends to increase investment in the service system.

According to Bloomberg, amid this news, Tesla shares fell by 4.1% to $306.8 per share. As of 5:16 GMT, the stock bounced back to $319 apiece.

Earlier this week, the U.S. securities and exchange Commission (SEC) appealed to the new York court, accusing the head of Tesla Elon Musk of disrespect. According to the SEC, given by Mr. Musk in his Twitter account plans for the production of Tesla electric vehicles for 2019 "can mislead investors", and their publication violates the agreement with the regulator.