OREANDA-NEWS The Supervisory authorities of China have requested certificates of conformity for each of the 48 herbs that make up the Yakut tinctures. Collection of documents can take several years, so the export had to be abandoned, said the head of the Republic Aysen Nikolaev.

At a meeting with representatives of the Chinese media in the International news Agency "Russia today" Nikolaev said that in Yakutsk there is a large wine and vodka factory that produces vodka, various tinctures and other drinks.

"A number of Chinese companies have an interest in their exports to China. We exported and export vodka there. After some checks we structure ticonazole China all allowed. We import, and trade is quite normal," the head of the Republic said.

"They wanted to import our tinctures. We have a unique liqueur made on the Yakut herbs 48 herbs. They are not even just delicious, but also healthy. But the Chinese Supervisory services have requested a certificate for each of the herbs that make up the drink. We were told that this work for several years if we pass all this. Of course, we in these conditions were forced to refuse delivery of this goods to the Chinese market", — Nikolaev shared.

In his opinion, the Chinese lose in this situation, because they did not get these products.

"I think that holding such an exhibition in Shanghai (international exhibition of imported goods and services China international Import Expo, which will be held in November in Shanghai – ed.) will help in the future and such issues, too, to solve", — said Nikolaev, adding that the exhibition in Shanghai will be attended by representatives of Yakutia, but without goods, because they learned about the event quite late.

At the same time the export of Yakut products from the mammoth tusk to China is difficult because of the requirements of the Chinese Supervisory authorities, the authorities of Yakutia are looking for ways to solve the problem, the head of the Republic Aisen Nikolaev said.