OREANDA-NEWS  Every day more than a thousand railway workers inspect the railway trucks in winter.

On all sections of the railway in the winter months, 24-hour monitoring of the trunk is being carried out.

"Railway workers conduct full-scale inspections of the body of railroad, communication lines, contact network to identify changes that occur under the influence of low temperatures. Special attention is paid to the condition of the rails, special equipment is used here, which determines any defects, "says Bauyrzhan Uali, the executive director of the branch of JSC" NC "KTZ" - "Directorate of the backbone network."

According to B. Uali, in the conditions of abnormal cold and wind strengthening in all regional branches of the backbone network, briefings were given to workers on the rules of behavior in extreme situations. Railway workers are provided with warm overalls and shoes.

Since the beginning of the winter period more than 130 thousand cubic meters of snow have been removed from the railway tracks. About 500 trips to the main network have been carried out by all kinds of snow-removal and snow-cleaning equipment. Despite the extreme drop in air temperature, more than a thousand railway workers provide traffic safety for the steady operation of infrastructure facilities every day.