Car and truck transport

Driving license
12.11.2020, 10:36
According to the new decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Russia it will be allowed to drive a car from the age of 17, and the scheme of the license exam will change.
In Russia, They Offered to Sell "Beautiful" Numbers for Several Million Rubles
03.09.2020, 11:36
The Ministry of Economy has developed and sent to the government a draft resolution on the rules for selling "beautiful" license plates of cars and motorcycles through the portal of state services at online auctions.
Russia and Belarus Will Open Transport Links
01.09.2020, 18:23
Decision on the gradual resumption of transport links between Russia and Belarus was accepted at the talks in the Russian capital.
Toyota Presented a New Brand Logo
20.07.2020, 14:43

The company followed the example of Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan, and moved towards simplifying graphics.

The Russian Traffic Police Will Conduct a Mass Check of Cars With Foreign License Plates
10.07.2020, 13:30
In the Lipetsk region, a Russian Traffic Police will be carried out to identify drivers with cars from the countries of the Eurasian economic Union who have not registered in Russia
BMW Introduces a Subscription Fee for Options in Cars
03.07.2020, 17:18
BMW has announced the introduction of new iDrive 7.0 software for its flagship product line, which will be complemented by paid extensions available at the ConnectedDrive store.
An Unknown Crashed into a Crowd of Protesters in Seattle
08.06.2020, 11:18
As a result, the 27-year-old man suffered, he was handed over to doctors
Nissan Announced Departure of the Datsun Brand from Russia
28.05.2020, 11:54
Nissan management spoke about a new development strategy, under which the Datsun brand will leave the domestic market
Falling Demand for New Cars in Europe Set a Record
19.05.2020, 16:13

From January to April 2020, it decreased by 38.5 %.

Ferrari Signed a Contract with the Rider to Replace Vettel
14.05.2020, 14:59
The four-time champion of “Formula 1” in the Italian team in 2021 will replace Carlos Sainz
AvtoVAZ Sales Fell Three Times in April
11.05.2020, 11:58
Sales of new AvtoVAZ cars in April 2020 fell three times, to 10.055 thousand
Passenger Traffic on All Types of Transport in Russia Fell by 70-95%
07.05.2020, 15:51
Airports need to be subsidized by 10.1 billion rubles, said Transport Minister
AvtoVAZ Will Suspend Car Production
27.04.2020, 14:53
Production of cars will end on April 29, they plan to resume it on May 18
German Experts Have Compiled a Rating of the Most Service-strong Car Models
23.04.2020, 20:28

The first place was gained by the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Mercedes-Benz Recalls Nearly 500 G-Class Cars in Russia
21.04.2020, 14:40
The reason is the front door wiring harnesses that may have been improperly routed


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