OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Agriculture intends to introduce new restrictions for owners of snowmobiles, ATVs and other types of off-road equipment, writes Kommersant.

It is assumed that their operation will be legally prohibited when the level of harmful substances in the exhaust is exceeded, the braking system malfunctions and the backlash of the steering in snowmobiles and swamp vehicles is more than 15 degrees. The restrictions will also apply to vehicles with inoperative headlights, sound and brake lights, as well as those that do not have a license plate.

"If the inspector discovers a malfunction that threatens the safety of traffic, the life and health of others, then it will be necessary to stop traffic in accordance with the new procedure. For example, sealing equipment, installing bollards and evacuating, depending on the situation," explained the head of the regional department. state technical supervision of the Moscow region Sergey Frolov.

It is also noted that the development of new restrictions is provided for by the law "On self-propelled vehicles and other types of equipment", which comes into force in July 2022. Initially, it was about agricultural machinery, but now the list will touch on snowmobiles, ATVs, buggies and other "off-road vehicles".