OREANDA-NEWS. The landing module of the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e-5 separated from the orbital complex and began preparation for landing on the Moon. This was reported on the website of the China National Space Administration.

The separation from the orbital module took place at 04:40 on Monday Beijing time (20:40 on Sunday UTC). The orbiter, together with the reentry capsule, will remain in lunar orbit.

According to the TV channel CGTN, the lander is supposed to reach the surface of the Moon in three days. After landing, it will drill a hole in the ground about 2 meters deep and collect samples. In total, it is planned to collect about 2 kilograms of materials. The takeoff module will deliver the soil samples placed in the container to the orbiter, after which the returnable capsule will go to Earth with them.

If successful, China will become the first country in the past 44 years to deliver soil samples from the surface of the Moon.