OREANDA-NEWS. Eyewitnesses, who were blocked in train cars in the subway flooded with rain in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, told how it all happened: the worst thing was not water, but running out of oxygen.

On the evening of July 20, water flooded a tunnel on the fifth line of Chengzhou subway, train traffic was stopped, passengers were blocked in the cars. 500 people were evacuated, 12 were killed and five were injured.

According to one of the passengers, who was blocked in the carriage for three hours, the train, having passed one station, stopped in a tunnel, water gradually began to pour into it.

"Water began to pour into the car, but there was not much of it. We just had to stand and wait. After a while, the metro staff began to evacuate us from the car, but almost immediately we were told to return, because there was already water everywhere ahead," she wrote woman on her Weibo page.

"After all the passengers returned to the car, the water was already reaching the waist, meanwhile, in the tunnel, water continued to arrive and pour into the car through the cracks in the door. We stood on the seats, and the water reached our chest, I became scared. But the worst thing was not the water, but the fact that there was less and less oxygen in the carriage, "she wrote.

According to her, some started calling their relatives and saying goodbye. "From about 18.30 to 20.30 we were in this state. At some point, I also lost consciousness from a lack of oxygen, but came to myself from a phone call," the woman writes.

According to her, after some time footsteps were heard on the roof of the carriage, rescuers began to knock out the windows of the carriage on both sides, air began to flow into the carriage. “At about 20.10, the rescuers arrived at the car and made a hole in the roof of the carriage and began to take passengers out,” the woman said.