OREANDA-NEWSThe Nigerian airline Green Africa Airways buys 100 Airbus A220 aircraft from the European Airbus consortium. This was announced on Thursday by an American business newspaper.

In December 2018, a Nigerian start-up turned to Boeing with an order for 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the publication notes. This happened two months after the accident of the Boeing 737 MAX flight JT-610 off the coast of the Indonesian island of Java and the death of all 189 people on board. When announcing the deal, Boeing emphasized that it was his largest contract in Africa.

Now Green Africa Airways has decided to transfer the order to the Europeans, as it has doubts about the timely receipt of aircraft from Boeing, the newspaper said. The American company suspended the assembly of a Boeing 737 MAX last January following an investigation into the causes of the crash in Ethiopia in March 2019. The company has not yet announced the timing of the resumption of the release of the Boeing 737 MAX.