Air transport

Ukrainian airline SkyUp flight attendants
26.07.2021, 15:35

The Ukrainian airline SkyUp heeded the complaints of its employees and changed their uniforms from uncomfortable but stylish pencil skirts and high heels to comfortable sneakers and trousers.

26.07.2021, 13:22
In the near future, passengers of the Belavia Belarusian airline, which has urgently landed at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, will be provided with a spare plane for a flight to Antalya.
A plane
23.07.2021, 10:58
The issue of granting airline permits to the resort cities of Egypt will be considered by the Interdepartmental Commission after the positive decision of the Operational Headquarters to Combat the Spread of Coronavirus to resume flights with Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.
15.07.2021, 12:37

The Sheremetyevo flight personnel union asked Mikhail Mishustin to allow the import of foreign vaccines against coronavirus into Russia.

A plane
14.07.2021, 16:38

Russia has been resuming flights with France and the Czech Republic since July 24, the operational headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus infection told reporters.

13.07.2021, 15:35
German airline Lufthansa intends to refuse to greet passengers with the words "ladies and gentlemen", instead of using gender-neutral phrases.
12.07.2021, 11:54

The Pentagon is concerned about the development of Russian missile weapons so it is trying to improve its missile defense system. This is the conclusion reached by experts of the magazine The National Interest.

09.07.2021, 12:08

Russian tourists heading to Egyptian resorts will be able to obtain a visa at the airport upon arrival in the country. This was announced by the adviser of the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow Ahmad Abd-Elmuiz.

09.07.2021, 11:21
The issue of the permitted number of flights to Egyptian resorts will be decided at a meeting of the operational headquarters to fight the spread of coronavirus, the headquarters told reporters on July 8.
09.07.2021, 09:57
Tourists with any Covid-19 vaccines are allowed on the Madeira Islands
An-26 Crash in Palana, Kamchatka
08.07.2021, 11:49

An emergency regime was introduced in Palana in Kamchatka after the An-26 crash, as the deputy head of the village Andrei Ulyanov told RIA Novosti.

The An-26 plane crash in Kamchatka
07.07.2021, 14:04
There were 22 passengers and six crew members on board.
The An-26 plane.
07.07.2021, 10:14
The plane, flying from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village of Palana, crashed shortly before landing on July 6.
06.07.2021, 14:27

The Russian military has carried out an interesting maneuver in Kamchatka, which will have serious consequences for the United States and Japan. This opinion was shared by analysts in the Chinese media.

06.07.2021, 09:54
From July 7, the German authorities will loosen restrictions related to the new coronavirus infection for arriving from Russia. This was reported on the website of the Robert Koch Institute - it is part of the structure of the Ministry of Health of Germany.


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