OREANDA-NEWS. The "open skies" mode will begin to operate between Khabarovsk and Japan's destinations until the end of October, Yuri Kondratchik, Director General of Khabarovsk International Airport, told reporters on Monday.

The "open skies" mode at the airport gives foreign airlines the right to carry out international flights without restrictions on the number of flights and air carriers, regardless of the existence of an intergovernmental agreement on air traffic between countries. The regime of "open skies" in the country operates at the airports of several cities, including Vladivostok.

"From the end of this month, this "open skies" mode is introduced between Khabarovsk and Japanese destinations, which removes flight restrictions between Khabarovsk and Japanese destinations", Kondratchik said. He specified that the corresponding protocol of negotiations with the Japanese aviation authorities was published on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency. Now the Khabarovsk airport will actively work with Japanese colleagues to realize the potential of the "open sky".