OREANDA-NEWS The Kerch-Yenikalsky canal in the Kerch Strait is open to the movement of civil courts, the first of them already follow through the Strait. This was reported on Monday, the General Director of the enterprise "Crimean seaports" Alexei Volkov.

"Permission for the movement of ships on the channel was given about four in the morning," he said.

According to him, the court has already gone through the Strait.

Earlier it was reported that, according to the FSB of Russia, violated on Sunday morning the Russian state border ships of the Ukrainian Navy "Berdyansk", "Nikopol" and "Yana Kapu" in the evening made another attempt of illegal actions within the territorial sea of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian ships did not react to the legitimate demands of the ships and boats of the border service of the FSB and the black sea fleet for an immediate stop and made dangerous maneuvering.

To stop the Ukrainian ships, weapons were used, they were detained in the territorial waters of Russia. On the fact of violation of the state border of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case.

After the ships went to the Kerch Strait, the passage through it for civil courts was closed.

The situation with shipping in the sea of Azov worsened at the beginning of the year. In March, Ukraine detained a trawler "Nord" with ten Russians on Board. To the captain threatens till five years of imprisonment for illegal visit to the Crimea "for the purpose of causing harm to the public interest". Now Kiev wants to sell the ship at auction. In August, a Russian tanker "Mechanic Pogodin"was arrested in the port of Kherson.

Moscow regarded the actions of the Kiev authorities as" sea terrorism " and in response strengthened the border inspection in its part of the Azov sea. Then the state border service of Ukraine accused Moscow of " a tough policy of detention and inspection of courts."

The border Department of the FSB in Crimea, in turn, stated that the inspections carried out fully comply with international Maritime law and that the Department did not receive claims from shipowners. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine also recognized that the Russian border guards do not violate the protocols during the inspection.