OREANDA-NEWS. The transfer of Ukrainian warships, which were detained by Russian border guards last year during the incident in the Kerch Strait, will take place on Monday, the FSS border control in the Republic of Crimea reported. According to the source of the Russian media, the program will be broadcast in the afternoon in the Black Sea in neutral waters off the coast of Crimea.

Russia on Sunday began moving ships of the Ukrainian Navy, which were in the Kerch port. According to the border administration, in accordance with the agreements reached with the Ukrainian side, three Ukrainian vessels - the Yany Kapu tugboat and the Nikopol and Berdyansk small armored artillery boats - are being towed from the port of Kerch to the agreed transfer point to the Ukrainian side.

According to eyewitnesses, Ukrainian ships aren't on the move, they were transported by tugboats. Sources said that the process will take place in the vicinity of Cape Tarkhankut, later another source said that the transfer will take place at Cape Takil in the southeast of the Crimean peninsula. "The fact that the transfer will take place at Cape Takil, I don’t see any sacredness".