Water transport and ports

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova
24.06.2021, 12:48

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova called London's reaction to the situation with the British destroyer "a lie to the face".

British destroyer
23.06.2021, 15:48
The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain announced after the violation of the Russian border by the destroyer of the country that the Navy ship was making an innocent passage through the territorial waters of Ukraine.
British destroyer
23.06.2021, 14:34

According to the Senator from the Crimean region, the entry of a British destroyer into the territorial waters of the Russian Federation near Crimea is a flagrant violation of international norms and standards.

Russian ships in the Pacific ocean
10.06.2021, 11:20

Naval maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean started in Russia. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

Khark vessel
02.06.2021, 10:23
The fire broke out on an auxiliary vessel of the Iranian naval forces in the waters off the southern part of the country, the fire could not be extinguished, and the ship sank.
The British destroyer URO D35 Dragon
28.05.2021, 11:55

The British destroyer URO D35 Dragon did not participate in any incidents in the Crimea region in October 2020. It was said by the British Ministry of Defense after the statement about the expulsion of the British ship from Russian territorial waters.

Submarine of the project "Lada"
13.05.2021, 10:23
The newest power plant of the Russian submarine of the Lada project makes it so silent that it is almost impossible to notice the approach of the submarine.
Ships in the Black Sea
07.05.2021, 14:14

Alexander Molokhov, head of the working group on international legal issues at the permanent representation of the Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, called the comparison of the Black Sea with NATO's "lake" a "provocative stunt".

Nuclear Submarine "Kazan"
07.05.2021, 13:40
The nuclear-powered submarine (AIC) Kazan of the improved Yasen-M project has been accepted into the Russian Navy, as the Defense Ministry reports.
The port in Finland.
03.05.2021, 15:03

They were on the container ship «Valencia Express» under the flag of Bermuda.

British Navy
20.04.2021, 12:44
In May 2021, two ships of the British Navy, separated from the Royal Navy's carrier strike group in the Mediterranean, will go to the Black Sea through the Bosphorus.
Warships in the Black Sea
19.04.2021, 10:18

Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the UK's decision to send warships to the Black Sea "in solidarity" with Ukraine.

Warships in the Bosphorus
15.04.2021, 11:58
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu confirmed that the United States has canceled the passage of its warships through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea.
Russian war ships on their way to the Black Sea
13.04.2021, 11:38

American warships have nothing to do off the coast of Russia. This statement was made by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov.

The ships Maersk Denver and Mary Maersk coming from the Suez Canal.
06.04.2021, 15:04

It is noted, that the tanker almost blocked the channel.


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