OREANDA-NEWSRussian airlines for January - February 2020 increased passenger traffic compared with the same period last year to 6.6%, to 16.8 million passengers, follows from statistics published on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Thus, Aeroflot’s passenger flow decreased by 4.9% to 5.1 million passengers. S7 - on the contrary, increased by 67%, to 2.6 million passengers. Pobeda increased passenger traffic by almost 33%, to 1.7 million passengers, Ural Airlines - by 16%, to 1.3 million passengers. "Russia" reduced transportation by 12.4%, to just over 1 million passengers. At the same time, Russia's largest cargo Air Bridge Cargo reduced mail and cargo transportation by 25% to 52.86 million tons.

In February, the first wave of restrictions on air traffic began: then flights to China, South Korea, and Iran were limited. The most widespread airline affected the restrictions on flights to China, during February they still carried out charter export flights. As follows from statistics for February, airlines increased their traffic on international routes by 4.2%, to more than 3 million passengers.