OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian bulk carrier Volgo Balt 179 sank off the coast of Romania, 10 people were rescued, two were killed, the search for another crew member continues, the press service of GSP Falcon, whose vessel received a distress signal from sailors, said.

A message posted on the company's website says: “At 04.40 am (03.40 Moscow time) GSP Falcon received a distress signal from the Volgo Balt 179 vessel, the rescue operation began immediately in extremely difficult weather conditions. 10 people were rescued, they are safe on aboard GSP Falcon, two people were killed, the search continues for another member of the ecopage. "

At the time of the transmission of the distress call, the Volgo Balt 179 was 76 miles off the Romanian coast. In the last message, the crew said that they intend to leave the cargo ship.

The rescue operation was joined by the Romanian Agency for the Rescue of Human Lives at Sea and the Romanian Border Police. The victims will be transported to the nearest port in the city of Constanta.

According to preliminary data, difficult weather conditions could have caused the ship's sinking. Mediafax agency drowns that the dry cargo ship left the port of Rostov-on-Don on March 6 and in the evening of March 11 was supposed to arrive at the port of Constanta.