OREANDA-NEWSFor the sixth year in a row Singapore has been recognized as the world's best seaport megalopolis in the world. An updated version of the international shipping development index, which is compiled by Xinhua and the Baltic Exchange, was published on Friday by The Straits Times. 

"Singapore confidently demonstrates shipping management capabilities, as well as maintains a high level of brokerage services", the explanatory notes to the rating, which included 42 port megacities of the world. The head of the Asian branch of the Baltic stock exchange, Lu Soo Lin, noted the "strategic importance of the Singapore port in the international arena". "This area remains one of the priorities in the economic development of the republic, so the government needs to maintain investments in the development of the marine industry", she said.

The second place in the annual ranking was taken by Hong Kong, which, according to the authors, “develops thanks to Beijing’s initiative“ One Belt - One Way ”and the regional project of the“ Big Bay. ”Supposedly, this enclave will include Hong Kong, Macao and nine Guangdong Provinces will have a highly developed technology, innovation and economic activity center, followed by London, which is appreciated for its first-class brokerage and financial services, followed by Shanghai and Dubai.

The international shipping development index estimates the largest cities in the world by providing port, financial and transport services. It's noted that Singapore confidently demonstrates shipping management capabilities and maintains a high level of brokerage services. The top three rankings, which included 42 port metropolis of the world, also includes Hong Kong and London.