OREANDA-NEWSA storm warning has been announced in all ports of the Russian Federation where oil is shipped for export. Work in Novorossiysk was stopped, the schedule of shipment at ports is adjusted according to the weather. This was reported to reporters by the official representative of Transneft Igor Demin.

“There is a storm warning in all ports. A storm began in Primorsk and Ust-Lug yesterday at 21:45. Shipment is in actual weather, the schedule is still in progress. But by the evening wind is expected to increase to 25 m/s, and in this case the work will be the storm was stopped in Novorossiysk on November 3, work was stopped, the schedule was two points behind. In Kozmino, a forecasted storm started at 7:02 (Moscow time) today due to the early setting of the tanker, the schedule is not broken. There was a storm in Makhachkala all weekend. Mproving weather this evening is late tankers isn't", said Demin.

In addition, on November 4, at 23:09, an earthquake occurred in Svetlinsky district with an epicenter 130 km southeast of Orsk at a depth of 10 km with a magnitude of 5.5 and an intensity of 6.5-7 points. "According to preliminary data, within a radius of 350 km from the epicenter there were no violations of the system", said a representative of Transneft.