OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Embassy in Washington has asked the US military to stop looking for excuses to enter the Black Sea.

The embassy has retweeted on its official account a message from the US Sixth Fleet about a joint US-Turkish exercise in the Black Sea, in which two destroyers and two P-8A reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the US Navy took part.

The Russian embassy said in this regard: "We call on the American military to stop reckless saber-rattling and go about their business in the territorial waters of the United States. The peace and security of the Black Sea does not need someone else's intervention."

Russian diplomats have hypothesized that the US Navy "is impatient to find an enemy in the Black Sea."

As representatives of the embassy wrote: "The American Navy is strenuously looking for pretexts, now openly under the pretext of military exercises, to increase its presence in the Black Sea."

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the strengthening of the alliance's presence in the Black Sea is associated with the actions of Russia, in particular with the strengthening of the Navy.

On February 10, Ukraine proposed using the skies over Crimea for NATO air operations.