OREANDA-NEWS. A possible date for resumption of air service with Turkey has become known. Flights to Russian cities are scheduled by Turkish Airlines already in July.

According to Turkish Airlines, from July 16, there will be 14 weekly flights to Moscow, from July 17 — 3 weekly flights to St. Petersburg, from July 20 — 3 weekly flights to Krasnodar. The carrier's message does not specify points of departure from Turkey, so it is not clear to the end whether these flights will be only from Istanbul or flights from Antalya are also possible.

It is also not clear from the carrier's reservation system. So, now tickets for flights from St. Petersburg to Antalya from July 1 are available for purchase, which contradicts the announced plans of Turkish Airlines to fly to the city on the Neva only from July 17.

If follow the announced dates (July 16, 17 and 20) and assume air service with Istanbul is open, a round-trip ticket on the route Moscow — Istanbul will cost from 20 445 rubles, St. Petersburg — Istanbul from 23 600 rubles, Krasnodar — Istanbul from 21 000 rubles.

The Minister of Tourism and Culture Mehmet Ersoy once again announced that Turkey is ready to resume flights with Russia in mid-July. In an interview with the Turkish edition of Sputnik, the minister suggested that the flights could start on July 15. However, he stressed that in order to start flights, the Russian side must give its consent in return. "Of course, Russia must be ready for that, we are ready," he said.