OREANDA-NEWS. The death toll of heavy rains and landslides in southwestern Japan has increased. According to data for 17:00 local time, doctors confirmed the death of 41 people.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has declared the highest hazard level for three prefectures in southwestern part of the country due to heavy rains and floods caused by them. On the air of television, announcers urge people to immediately evacuate to the nearest temporary accommodation center, and if this is not possible, go to the upper floors of buildings or roofs.

According to representatives of the Agency, unprecedented showers are observed in the disaster areas. In some territories, up to 800 millimeters of rain fell. Due to the overflow of rivers, dozens of settlements are under water. Rescuers and military evacuate people from the roofs of houses with the help of helicopters. Hundreds of thousands of people received evacuation recommendations. More than 10 thousand residential buildings are left without communication and electricity, which makes it difficult to establish the scale of the disaster. In at least 11 places, landslides occurred.