OREANDA-NEWS. The European Union today earmarked 36.3 million euros as budgetary support. The goals of this assistance are to create jobs, increase exports to the European market, strengthen the public administration, speed up the rural development and carry out the police reform.

In particular, the money is meant for backing the following actions: enforcement of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between EU and Moldova, implementing the liberalization of the visa regime with EU, rural and agriculture’s development, carrying out the reform of the public money policy and the police reform.  

The assistance was made available for Moldova, after EU had found out the fulfillment of certain conditions and progress within the aforementioned five programmes. Thus, Moldova carried out more sectoral reforms stipulated in the agreements on budgetary assistance with EU, improved the way of public money is managed and the process of preparing the budget has become more transparent. At the same time, significant progress was made in the enforcement of a macro-economic policy oriented towards stability, including of the structural reforms regarding the stabilization and a better regulation of the banking sector, in line with the IMF’s programme.   

Among the conditions for continuing the budgetary support in 2018 as well, there are fighting corruption, reforming the justice sector, observance of all democratic mechanisms, implementation of the Agreement with IMF and carrying out other important reforms.