OREANDA-NEWSMars Inc. company is forced to change the logo of Uncle Ben's, which has been used since 1946. The rice producer has been accused of racism.

The logo of the brand that sells rice and sauces depicts a dark-skinned man. Not only that, but also the fact that the word «uncle» used to be used to call slaves when white people turned to them.

«As a global brand, we know we have a responsibility to take a stand in helping to put an end to racial bias and injustices,» the company said in a statement. «As we listen to the voices of consumers, especially in the black community, and to the voices of our associates worldwide, we recognize that now is the right time to evolve the Uncle Ben's brand, including its visual brand identity, which we will do.»

The current logo has been in use since 1946, with the name and logo inspired by two black men — a Texas farmer named Uncle Ben who was known for growing high-quality rice, and the face on the box, «a beloved Chicago chef and waiter named Frank Brown,» Mars told Huffington Post.

PepsiCo is also preparing for transformation. Because of public attacks, it will be necessary to change the appearance and name of the brand Aunt Jemima, which produces sweet syrups.