OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the representatives of the Lithuanian authorities who expel migrants from their territory "scoundrels", stressing that the situation with illegal immigrants has become a new method of pressure on the Belarusian state for the West.

According to Lukashenko, quoted by the agency Sputnik Belarus, the latest events on the western borders of Belarus, primarily with Lithuania and even Poland, are at least alarming.

“I think that if we compare all the factors and facts that we have observed recently, having gone through seven or eight stages of the so-called color revolution, they have nothing left in their plan. Therefore, we returned to the long-tested tactics - blackmail, pressure, even to forceful threats, "the agency quotes the words of the head of state from a meeting on the situation at the border.

As Sputnik Belarus writes, Lukashenko gave an example of such threats. One of them is that supposedly illegal migrants will be concentrated at official checkpoints. “Between, say, Lithuania and Belarus. This is already several hundred and maybe a thousand people. And under the threat of weapons to be squeezed into the territory of Belarus,” the president said.

In this regard, the President noted that such actions of the neighboring side, if this happens, would threaten with a conflict, because the border guards, according to the law, must protect the border and not allow its violation. "Therefore, a very dangerous, frankly speaking, situation is developing. But to say that we did not foresee this and did not anticipate it would be wrong. Therefore, at one time, and I first of all, guided you to be very attentive in this regard, to our "friends-comrades" - neighbors, especially in the West, "Lukashenko said.