OREANDA-NEWS Hong Kong International Airport canceled all flights on Monday August 12 due to the fact that several thousand protesters gathered in the main terminal. This was reported by the AR with reference to the press service of the enterprise. 

The protesters created significant obstacles to the airport, as a result, it was completely suspend registration for flights, according to a press release. The airport will continue to serve only those flights for which check-in has already been completed. 

Flights canceled from 4:00 p.m. local time, the South China Morning Post said. Buses with demonstrators continue to arrive at the airport; traffic jams formed at the entrances to it. A number of demonstrators were holding posters with an image of an eye: one of the protesters on August 11 lost her sight after a rubber bullet hit her eye. Some protesters blindfold one eye. 

Hong Kong protests continue for the fourth day in a row. On Monday night, police used tear gas and water cannons. Protesters staged sit-ins at the railway and subway stations, blocking the operation of vehicles. 

Mass street protests began in Hong Kong in early June after an attempt by the local administration to enact a law to extradite suspects to mainland China. Then the protesters began to demand an investigation into the actions of the police against the demonstrators, reforms and the resignation of the head of administration Carrie Lam. The AR notes that so far there are no signs that either side was ready to give in.